Abodoo, the remote working platform, receives €100,000 funding from Enterprise Ireland

By Business & Finance
17 July 2018
Vanessa Tierney, Co-founder, Abodoo

Abodoo achieves ‘High Potential Start-Up’ status

Enterprise Ireland has designated Wexford-based technology company, Abodoo as a ‘High Potential Start-Up’ (HPSU) and granted the company €100K in funding. The news comes shortly after the company’s latest announcement of its expansion into the UK.

An Enterprise Ireland ‘HPSU’ is defined as a company that is internationally focused and has the potential to employ at least 10 persons within three to four years of starting and to generate revenues of at least €1 million. 

Vanessa Tierney, co-founder of Abodoo commented:

Remote and flexible working makes economic and environmental sense and can vastly improve the quality of life for workers. Businesses now understand that SmartWorking can lead to cost-savings, better retention levels, higher rates of employee satisfaction and an increase in diversity due to our anonymous matching which eliminates any unconscious bias from the selection process. From the employee’s perspective, they can save travel costs, as well as hundreds of hours of travel time and the stress of a daily commute.

Niall McEvoy, Manager, High Potential Start-Ups Dept (ICT) at Enterprise Ireland said: “The company has identified and secured progressive blue-chip customers and is attracting interest globally. Enterprise Ireland will continue to work closely with Abodoo and support its growth ambitions as the team expands its reach, strengthening their customer base internationally.”

Wexford couple, Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright, developed the idea for Abodoo after moving back from the UK with their young family. Having found that remote working job opportunities were difficult to find on standard jobs boards, they developed the jobs platform to match candidates with suitable employers offering remote-working career opportunities.