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eir Chief Architect Andy O’Kelly on networks enabling business

By Business & Finance
22 January 2018
Andy O’Kelly, Chief Architect, eir

Andy O’Kelly, Chief Architect at eir, spoke to Business & Finance about the importance of eir’s networks as the engines of innovation, enabling business to transform and create new digital solutions.


In particular, Andy speaks of the principal way in which eir business helps Irish companies innovate through the eir network itself. It is the key foundational layer for business customers to get the most out of themselves and being innovative in using eir’s services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) space is one of the high-priority fields in the tech world today. Andy states that eir is dedicated to being at the forefront of these – cloud computing, multiple sensors and devices within the IoT space, and mobility in terms of getting more value and getting out amongst your customers.

Underpinning these is eir’s specialisation in reliable and consistent fixed fibre networking and network security, which provides a reliable sphere for information generation and customer interaction.

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