Overcoming challenges to business innovation

By Business & Finance
25 January 2018
Andy O’Kelly, Chief Architect, eir

Andy O’Kelly, Chief Architect at eir, says the biggest challenge that stops businesses innovating is the gap between what they want to achieve and what their IT can deliver for them.


The alignment between the technology and the business has to be seamless to achieve the innovation agenda. There are to be no gaps and everybody across an organisation has to be on the same page.

Andy also points out that a lot of technology delivery is focused on what is dismissively known as ‘heritage IT’, yet these technologies are the central focal points to companies’ operations. The next move is getting companies into new digital environments.

However, organisations have to be aware of new factors when technology evolves, such as GDPR, and security systems must be absolutely, 100% secure. Even with this, you mustn’t stay still and be stagnant; it’s key to move forward and adapt as quickly as possible.

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