Magnet Networks faciliates entirely cashless coffee shop in Dublin

By Business & Finance
08 April 2019

Bear Market Coffee’s new outlet on George’s Street is 100% cashless

Bear Market have partnered with Magnet Networks to provide a full retail solution which includes secure dedicated internet access, cloud voice and enterprise-class Wi-Fi.

“Cashless outlets will be the future of retail, and will vastly improve the customer experience,” said Stephen Brewer, Managing Director Ireland, Magnet Networks.

Bear Market’s Stephen and Ruth Deasy and Magnet Networks’ Stephen Brewer

We have heard a lot about the slow death of the high street and retail, but digitalisation offers a real chance for the shopping industry to evolve and form a new relationship with customers based on information. Our broadband is brought in to the premises via two different technologies – fibre and wireless – providing constant back-ups to each other so the business can never be offline.

He continued, “If you lose connectivity, or even broadband quality, then you don’t just lose business days, you lose revenue and possibly customers. Cyber security is vital when you are dealing with electronic payments we provide a managed firewall and advanced endpoint protection. The store also uses a cloud hosted phone system and features high-speed public wi-fi.”

Tap and go

The George’s Street outlet is the fourth store in the Bear Market family established by husband and wife team Stephen and Ruth Deasy.

“We are finding that our customers are increasingly living cashless lives and using their cards for even the smallest of transactions,” Stephen Deasy said.

From a business perspective there are numerous operational advantages from cleanliness to security, as well as the fact that not moving cash from one location to another cuts down on carbon miles.

“We need total security with built-in failsafes and fallbacks so we never lose connectivity. If we lose our broadband, we lose business, it’s as simple as that.”