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Magnet Networks’ James Canty on cybersecurity through Magnet Protect

By Business & Finance
27 April 2018
James Canty Magnet Networks Magnet Protect cybersecurity
James Canty, Director of Product & Pre-Sales, Magnet Networks

James Canty, Director of Product & Pre-Sales at Magnet Networks, spoke to Business & Finance about Magnet Protect, a cybersecurity platform delivering best-in-class network security.


Security is so relevant now in every walk of life but no more so than in the world of technology. James Canty discusses how Magnet Networks‘ Magnet Protect can offer businesses when it comes to securing their networks.

James discusses in his video interview how Magnet Networks offers every business the maximum security capabilities through its core business mindset of customer network protection.

Furthermore, the Magnet Networks Director of Product & Pre-Sales said that traditional method aren’t good enough anymore to meet customer security needs: “As the threat landscape has evolved dramatically over the last number of years, what we’re seeing is traditional anti-virus solutions and traditional-based firewalls don’t offer the level of protection that’s needed in today’s world.

James continued to say that the advent of cryptocurrencies has also allowed hackers to monetise malware.

“The rise of cryptocurrency has allowed cybercriminals the ability to monetise malware and ransomware for the first time. Your traditional anti-virus, your traditional firewalls just offer little or no protection, or very limited protection against these new types of threats.”

Magnet Protect is such a crucial product given these new threat revolutions.

“We did a piece of research last year, and based on the sample size we took, we estimate that as many as 171,000 – specifically small businesses – are extremely vulnerable to the types of cyberattacks that are becoming more and more increasingly prevalent today.”

Magnet Networks’ research also revealed that only 13% of business see their cybersecurity posture as being very secure.

Watch James’ full interview above to get a full insight into Magnet Networks’ business and what it offers to keep businesses thoroughly secure.

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