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Blueface to launch M2M platform in Q2 2014

By Business & Finance
24 February 2014

Blueface has today announced it will launch a full M2M platform in Q2 2014 to enable businesses to roll out applications for the wireless Internet of Things.

The SMARTY platform will target service providers, carriers, fleet management providers, utilities, applications providers and other companies who have innovate M2M applications and need a reliable, secure platform to provide the access layer for such services.

Blueface will leverage its MVNO with H3G Ireland in order to provide its M2M customers with access to secure data backhaul, static IP addressing, billing flexibility and open access API’s for core value added services. The M2M platform will be highly differentiated by virtue of its open architecture and ease of deployment for companies who have application layers and need to roll out their services in an efficient and flexible manner.

Commenting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Blueface CEO Alan Foy said: “Our new M2M platform, SMARTY, will be unrivalled in the Irish marketplace and we are confident that customers of the platform will be in a position to deploy their applications and uses in a fast, efficient and highly flexible manner. Our research indicates that up to 16 million devices will be connected by 2020 in Ireland. The Internet of Things represents a huge business opportunity for many companies including application service providers, carriers, fleet and location management providers, security companies and utilities.”

Blueface’s CTO, Nameer Kazzaz further stated that “Blueface’s core technology approach is an open architecture, flexibility driven standard – we will be in a position to provide secure M2M access solutions through the SMARTY platform with features and services that will support our customers to build sustainable and scalable solutions for their end customers or uses”.