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Business Person of the Month October 2023: Liam Casey stakes claim to tech success with ambitious plans for Slendertone

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06 November 2023
liam casey Web Summit
Pictured: Liam Casey, founder and CEO, PCH International

Tech entrepreneur Liam Casey has big plans for fitness device firm, Slendertone. He is our Business Person of the Month October 2023, in association with KPMG.


Liam Casey, the tech entrepreneur noted for his talent in linking western companies with Chinese manufacturers, last month acquired Slendertone’s assets out of liquidation for an undisclosed sum.

Casey aims to make Slendertone, a fitness device firm, into a billion-dollar business. Speaking to the Business PostCasey said: “Slendertone is great, but in recent years it has been marketed to couch potatoes watching shopping channels at 3am in the morning while drinking beer.

“As soon as we acquired the assets I got in touch with an industrial design firm in San Francisco to reimagine it so that we could sell it instead to people who care deeply about their fitness.

“A lot of companies in the wearables space are valued at in excess of $1 billion or $2 billion and there is no reason why Slendertone couldn’t be worth a similar sum.”

According to Casey, Slendertone will feature a new design with updated features that can track analytics.

PCH International

Casey founded PCH International in 1996. Casey also revealed to the Business Post that he had regained full ownership of the design and manufacturing company after buying out other backers. His shareholding in the company had fallen below 20 per cent due to an increase in investors.

Speaking about new opportunities for PCH, he said: “More businesses are making products and now selling them direct to consumers, which represents a huge sea change in the way goods are sold. The result of this is that some companies we are working with now have more TikTok influencers on their books than engineers. With our unique position in the marketplace we are in a good place to take advantage of the opportunities that come with this.”

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