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Charity calls on businesses to help curtail homelessness this Christmas

By Business & Finance
06 December 2016
simon community

This Christmas, a Simon Community appeal aims to raise €600,000 to deliver vital housing and life saving supports for those suffering from homelessness.

Currently, thousands of vulnerable people are facing the miserable circumstances of homelessness as the housing and homeless crisis continues to engulf the country.

Month on month the Simon Community are continuing to see a sweeping rise in the number of families, children and individuals coming to their door and sadly there is no sign of abatement.

Tonight, over 6,800 people will be without a home and trapped in emergency accommodation, of which 1,178 are families with 2,470 children. This is an incredible 98% increase in adults and children becoming homeless in the past year.

This does not include the recent 56% yearly increase in the numbers bedding down to sleep on the streets of our capital city each night.

The Simon Community say these figures are worst they have ever seen, and they are making an urgent appeal for companies to support their Simon House of Cards campaign this Christmas. Business leaders, Greg Clarke and Alison Cowzer, have joined the homeless charity in encouraging companies to get behind the campaign and make a live saving difference.

This year the Simon House of Cards Appeal needs to raise €600,000 so it can deliver vital housing and life saving supports that will respond to the unprecedented demand for our services.

In recognition of a contribution, a company name or logo will be seen by more than 317,000 Irish Times readers as well as being seen in the spectacular ‘Simon House of Light’ projection show on Powerscourt Townhouse Centre between the December 8th and 10th. Contributors will also have access to a range of e-cards.

Your generosity will also enable the charity to provide responses where and when they are needed on the streets, such as warm clothing, sleeping bags, food and medical assistance.

Click here for more information of to donate today.


By supporting Simon House of Cards Appeal this Christmas, you can to provide a lasting home for people like Jane and her son.

My son and I had to leave our rented home after four years. We didn’t know where we were going to be each week and had such a terrible fear of the unknown. We moved from place to place, staying in hotels, with friends or in emergency accommodation. It was so hard.

“After what seemed like a lifetime of uncertainty, we got a two bed apartment with the Simon Community. Now we have a roof over our heads. I’m so delighted.

“I would say to the thousands of people living without a home, ‘Hold on in there’.
Thanks to Simon there is light at the end of the tunnel.”