Comtrade and Ryanair announce partnership

Business, Technology | Thu 12 May | Author – Business & Finance
Comtrade Ryaniar
Dejan Cusic, Comtrade and John Hurley, Ryanair

Software engineering services provider Comrade’s Irish operation has partnered with Ryanair to develop the carrier’s myRyanair platform, an application that speeds up the booking process and assists passengers with their journey.

The application allows customers to select their travel preferences by creating a personal profile, securely store payment and passport details, ensuring faster bookings and flight check-ins.

Working from the vision of Ryanair’s user interface design team, Comtrade developed myRyanair and turned it into an application capable of securely handling and processing the details of Ryanair’s 106 million annual passengers.

With a focus on speed, it can also fill four Boeing 737s every minute at peak booking times.

The application was developed over a tight deadline of nine months, with Comtrade providing Ryanair with a complete scrum team of engineers to produce myRyanair using agile methodologies.

In total, Comtrade invested 36,000 developer hours – the equivalent of 18 business years – into the project. From three weeks into the project until launch, myRyanair underwent constant testing and scrutiny from customers and senior management.

Comtrade is a Slovenia-headquartered software engineering company with offices in 11 countries across Europe and North America. Its Irish operation is headquartered in Stillorgan, Dublin.

Dejan Cusic, solutions and services business director, Comtrade, said: “With Ryanair’s vision and our world-class engineers, we have created something truly special that will enhance the travel experiences of millions of people every year.”

He continued: “We specialise in assisting companies with their digital transformation and our work with Ryanair is the perfect example of what we can do. We not only developed the myRyanair platform, we are working with Ryanair on an ongoing basis as they make the transition to becoming a technology-led travel innovator.”

John Hurley, CTO, Ryanair, added: “In the future, I see Ryanair as a digital travel leader that happens to have an airline attached to it. We want to use technology to personalise the user experience for our increasingly tech-savvy customer base and myRyanair is very strategic and central to that vision.

“Our partnership with Comtrade was fundamental to turning myRyanair from a vision to a reality. With the team’s expertise, innovation and unwavering professionalism, Comtrade has helped Ryanair lay the foundations for the future.”