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Healthwave launches Ireland’s first mobile pharmacist service

By Business & Finance
03 February 2015
Shane O’Sullivan, pharmacist and founder of Healthwave

The Dundrum-based pharmacy, Healthwave, has launched Ireland’s first mobile pharmacist service. The new service enables customers all over Ireland to benefit from the Healthwave’s HealthPass subscription service. Previously customers had to visit a Healthwave Pharmacist in Dundrum to comply with Irish legislation, which states that patients must present their prescription to the pharmacist in person prior to the initial dispensing of medication.

The new service will allow customers to book a home visit from a Healthwave pharmacist who will review their prescriptions, while performing necessary checks and discussing medication dosage and frequency. Medications are then delivered the next day.

“We have customers coming from all over the country to avail of our unique pricing model for prescriptions and medication,” said Shane O’Sullivan, pharmacist and founder of Healthwave. “People do their research on the price of medication, and find that it still is worth travelling to Dublin to avail of the HealthPass service.

“Our philosophy is not only to provide the best pricing, but the best pharmacy service to our customers, so we feel it is only appropriate that our Healthwave pharmacists should be available where our customers are located. We are really excited about this new mobile pharmacy service, which will see Healthwave pharmacists delivering great care and attention to patients directly in their homes.”

HealthPass is Ireland’s first pharmacy subscription service and offers members saving of 50% on average on prescription medication as well as free nationwide home delivery following an initial visit to the Healthwave pharmacy or home visit from a mobile pharmacist. Healthwave pharmacy has always championed a consumer-centric approach in terms of service and value, since it launched over a year ago. It has been rewarded with a loyal customer base with more than 10,000 Healthpass subscribers reducing their prescription costs by 50% on average.

Medication can cost up to seven times more in some Republic of Ireland pharmacies than their counterparts in Northern Ireland; the high cost is the number one reason for non-adherence to prescription instructions. HealthPass membership has enabled many patients, who had stopped taking their medicines due to high pricing, to resume their treatment.

“Many Healthwave customers are already availing of the free nationwide ‘door-to-door’ delivery service for prescription medicines, which requires an in-person visit to the Healthwave pharmacy with prescriptions. In some cases, patients are quite poorly so the mobile pharmacist service means that these customers can now avail of the best value medication following a visit and check by our qualified pharmacist.  In this way, we are providing the in-store experience to customers but in the comfort of their home, while also complying with important pharmacy legislation,” added Shane O’Sullivan.

The service will be rolled out nationwide, with pharmacists already in place in Dublin, Cork and Galway for the new Healthwave mobile pharmacist service.