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Iconic offices: What to Expect from a Flexible Workspace

By Business & Finance
27 July 2021

With lockdown lifting, decision-makers are faced with balancing employee concerns and trading efficiently. A viable alternative will see the traditional office function blended with a flexible office space offering.

According to the 2021 Second Annual National Remote Working Survey, three-quarters of organisations have not yet decided how their teams will function when the pandemic ends. However, of that remaining quarter, 78% have decided to operate in a hybrid function. If returning to the office in any capacity is on your agenda as a decision-maker, there are feasible solutions to hand.

Despite the fact that flexible office spaces have been proven by some studies to increase productivity, they are subject to snap judgements from many companies due to a historic perception of what they are and how they work. The perception of shared workspaces has often been viewed as a ‘desk hopping’ concept; as temporary and inflexible to a company’s specific needs. However, they are so much more, and are customisable per individual client based on precisely their needs.

Flexible workspaces aren’t just for start-ups or small companies either; a company of any size has customisable options. As an Irish SME and flexible workspace provider, Iconic Offices understand the challenges businesses face and are continuously evolving their solutions to solve business problems both themselves and their clients have experienced, in particular the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Iconic have clientele from a variety of industries; from aviation to pharmaceuticals, tech and finance to design.

Breaking down the costs, clients of flexible workspaces gain more than they may believe. Flexible contracts from one day to one year are available to help businesses make smart short-term solutions. This will be particularly interesting to anyone who is worried about tying themselves to a long-term contract that might not suit them, or their company, in a year’s time. Iconic are also firm believers in supporting the day-to-day needs of their clients through key administrative services to replicate an office environment. Front of house service, IT and handyman support, soundproofing and privacy measures all connect to create internal business communication and manage efficient business function.

Founder and CEO of Iconic Offices, Joe McGinley, said: 

“The workplace culture of each business is completely unique; it comes with its own set of protocols and relationships. At Iconic Offices, we describe our packages to be ‘As Unique As You Are’ because we understand that every client functions in their own way. We embrace this uniqueness and emulate it in every way possible through our interiors and our scope of services.”

Iconic Offices offer a unique opportunity for companies to configure their space however they want and use as they need it. The right environment is key to ensuring consistent productivity for staff and decision-makers alike. The price tag that comes with this doesn’t have to be beyond your company’s means, design-led spaces are manufactured with company aspirations in mind. Flexible, fully customisable workspace via private offices, co-working or a blended approach is a great option for any industry to explore.