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Launch of new firm KPMG Law

By Business & Finance
08 December 2022
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KPMG Law has been established to provide a wide range of legal services to the Irish market.

KPMG Law Managing Partner John Given will lead the new business which is expected to grow from its current headcount of 60 to up to 160 legal professionals in the next 2-3 years. The establishment of a standalone law firm as a member firm of the KPMG international network will allow KPMG Law to provide a broad range of Irish legal services as part of KPMG’s multi-jurisdictional legal offering.

John Given and his team have a comprehensive background in the Irish corporate legal market supporting Irish and international clients in various sectors and have been involved in many of the key transactions, advisory mandates and corporate law developments involving Irish companies and companies active in Ireland over the past 25 years. KPMG Law will be based at Stokes Place, Dublin 2.

John Given, Managing Partner, KPMG Law

John Given, Managing Partner of KPMG Law said: “This is an exciting time for our global and domestic clients as we work with them across their businesses. In addition to the proven track record of the existing legal team who are joining us from KPMG in Ireland, we’ll be developing new services and capabilities across a range of areas. We look forward to offering all of these services to existing clients of KPMG, as well as to other participants in the corporate and business market. Underpinning our ambition, KPMG Law is seeking to recruit additional talented people at every level to expand our legal footprint.”

Seamus Hand, Managing Partner of KPMG in Ireland said: “The establishment of KPMG Law in Ireland is the latest development in the evolution of KPMG’s legal services offering, it responds to the demand for additional top class legal experience and expertise in many growing and complex areas of the law. I look forward to working with John and his team as they bring the very best legal expertise to our existing and future clients.”