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Meet our Elevation Award finalists: XOCEAN, a leading provider of carbon-neutral ocean data

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30 November 2023
Image credit: XOCEAN

A nominee for the coveted Elevation Award, in association with Enterprise Ireland, XOCEAN is a leading provider of carbon-neutral ocean data. 

XOCEAN was established in 2017 and currently has 200 employees in Ireland and globally. Headquartered in County Louth, Ireland, XOCEAN has invested substantially in systems and processes for global scaling. 

James Ives, CEO, leads the company which is widely regarded as a leading provider of carbon-neutral ocean data. From mapping the seabed to environmental monitoring, XOCEAN offers a safe, economic and carbon neutral solution to ocean data delivery using Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs). 

Carbon Emission Reductions

Ocean data has traditionally been acquired using large, crewed vessels, which emit substantial amounts of carbon from the consumption of thousands of litres of fuel per day. XOCEAN’s USV is the size of an average car and consumes very small volumes of fuel. Carbon emissions are minimal and reduced to the point that they are easily offset for fully carbon neutral operations.

XOCEAN’s long-term vision is to transform ocean data delivery by supporting the sustainable and economic growth of humanity’s most precious resource, our oceans. The company operates in four key market segments globally; Offshore Wind and Power Interconnectors; Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage; Operations and Maintenance within the Renewables and Oil and Gas sectors; Civil Hydrography. 

Export Markets

Their key export markets are the UK and Europe (Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands). With strong governmental policy and regulatory support, these markets continue to show the largest projected growth in the offshore wind industry. XOCEAN is currently investing in and developing Operational hubs in the UK in order to serve these key markets. 

Having set up an operating company in Canada in 2021, XOCEAN has further expanded its reach into North America, completing a number of projects in Canada and along the eastern seaboard of the United States.  In 2022, XOCEAN established an operating company in Australia. XOCEAN has invested heavily in the expansion of its fleet of USVs, delivering significantly increased operational capacity. 


XOCEAN is a remote-first company and the use of digital tools and technology is key to driving efficiency and effectiveness, both internally and externally with the clients we serve. Their in-house Cyberdeck platform allows both mariners and surveyors to utilise and advance their core skills while working ashore close to families and communities. 

The company’s use of technology improves safety, helps address the gender balance in the marine industry and dramatically reduces carbon emissions. Over the next 5 years, XOCEAN will displace the emission of one million tons of carbon and over the next decade, the company will support the development of over 100 GW of offshore wind.

Business & Finance Awards Elevation Award

The Elevation Award category was launched in 2018, in partnership with Enterprise Ireland. This award recognises Irish companies that are fast-growing and with significant potential to continue to scale globally. The Award complements the well-established Company of the Year Award.

Previous winners of the prestigious prize include Portwest in 2018, Wisetek in 2019, Aerogen in 2020, APC ltd. in 2021, and FINEOS in 2022.

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