The Business Show 2022: Exploring challenges and solutions

By Business & Finance
21 September 2022

The Business Show 2022, themed Rethinking Business, will explore the new ways of leading and working and share insights on how companies can adapt, the advances in technology & digital transformation and the markets and opportunities there to be explored. 

Irish business figures will meet on October 6th in the Aviva stadium to share their unique experiences of change and challenges in order to drive growth in the domestic and global markets as part of The Business Show 2022.

The thought leadership event aims to “help progress the growth of Ireland’s enterprise and SME sectors and enable companies to adapt, grow and thrive in 2022,” through the exchange of ideas, insights and strategies. This year’s event will showcase successful strategies and insights through thought leadership events and an in-person summit along with ongoing media content.


There will be number of themes discusses at the in-person event including Sustainability/ESG, Business Transformation, Digital Evolution, The Future of Work, Cybersecurity, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, International Expansion and Wellness.

Sustainability/ESG: Through the theme of Sustainability, experts will highlight the solutions that can be implemented to your business today to yield the greatest commercial and environmental reward in the future.

Business Transformation: This topic will discover how companies can stay relevant in the ever-changing business landscape. Business transformation discussions will navigate the importance of technology, finance, employment and many more business fundamentals for companies to reinvent themselves.

Digital Evolution: Discover how digital technologies can help already established companies to stay relevant in the ever-changing tech landscape. Our speakers will navigate the importance of digital transformation for businesses to keep reinventing themselves.

The Future of Work: Remote Working, Quiet quitting and Burnout, this theme will tackle the buzzwords and harness the shift around what the Future of Work can mean for your business.

International Expansion: International Expansion is something that most businesses strive for. Not being limited to a single market is another step towards future proofing your business and giving it more stability when it comes to battling economic storms. Hear from speakers who have taken that step and those that have guided them towards it.

Wellness: More than a trend that can be looked over, Wellness has become an important pillar of every workplace. This theme will look deeper than a monthly fun run and an employee happiness survey and offer solutions that will look after your team.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: Although talked about often, an inclusive environment is not something that every business has mastered just yet. It is not as simple as a box that needs to be ticked, this theme will tackle a problem in Irish businesses that cannot be ignored.

Cyber-securityWith cyber breaches becoming more common across all industries, experts in the field will come together to discuss the latest threats and how the Irish business community can rethink security and protect themselves.

The Business Show

Launched in May 2020 at the very height of lockdown restrictions, TBS has enjoyed success as a series of engagements across digital platforms, which twice culminated in Ireland’s largest virtual summit. The Business Show 2022 is the third iteration of the event and marks the first in-person programme in the event’s history.

Siobhan Smith, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Expleo said:

“The Business Show served as a crucial touchpoint with clients and others at a significant time during the pandemic. It also facilitated helpful discussions that yielded actionable insights for clients, helping navigate the uncertainty with a higher degree of clarity and confidence.

“The Business Show has given us a tremendous boost in this regard. I was delighted with our partnership with The Business Show and I would recommend the platform to others and I look forward to seeing the awareness and participation increase this year,” she continued.

“Genuinely, this has been a significant driver of growth for Expleo, and I would encourage any interested parties to reach out to the Business Show team who are great at what they do.”

The Business Show 2022 takes place across two stages at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, on 6th October, 2022. To learn more about The Business Show, visit the website here.

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