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Ones to Watch: FenuHealth

By Business & Finance
05 December 2016
annie and kate madden fenuhealth
Annie and Kate Madden, FenuHealth

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What is it?

FenuHealth specialises in powder supplements to be added to horses hard feed to help prevent and solve the huge problem that gastric ulcers (GU) cause to horses. There are two main FenuHealth products: FenuSave (for preventing GU) and FenuCare (for horses suffering from GU).

Quality control is of primary importance and all FenuHealth products are tested to parts per billion for naturally occurring prohibitive substances (NOPS) and meet all standards as set down by the International Olympic Council, The Turf Club, The Jockey Club and the FEI.

Future plans?

Sales are growing very quickly and FenuHealth is already exporting to 12 countries. The Madden sisters have plans to recruit another international distributor shortly and are looking for approaches.

The company is currently at an advanced stage of development into a paste which will be packaged in a syringe for ease of use with young foals.

Four other products – FenuFeast, FenuLyte, FenuCalm and FenuJoint – are also at an advanced stage in development.

Who’s behind it?

FenuHealth was co-founded by teenage sisters Kate and Annie Madden after scooping one of the top prizes at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in 2015.

Kate and Annie are both students in Loreto College in Dublin 2.

How is it funded?

FenuHealth is now entirely self-funded. Previously, Local Enterprise Offices in Meath and Dublin, Horse Racing Ireland, Griffith College and BT provided combined financial support of €2,000 and also mentored the sisters.

Enterprise Ireland has also provided much practical support.

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