Ones to Watch: Ringotel

By Business & Finance
02 March 2018
Vasyl Brainin, CEO, and Oleksii Brainin, CTO, Ringotel

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top movers and shakers in Ireland. This week we feature Ringotel.

What is it?

Ringotel unifies all customer communication channels in one simple, affordable software solution.

You can access a customer relation management (CRM) platform, collaborate with your team and get business phone features, all in one place.

Currently, there are no solutions on the market that can provide all of these features out of the box, at an affordable price, and without additional integrations.

For instance, we know that small companies with 5-30 employees with €1 million annual turnover usually don’t have a tech specialist, and they manage their social media presence with just a few managers on customer support. They can be overwhelmed, as they need to manage customer service across multiple communication channels which are all accessed separately.

Ringotel brings everything in one place, without a need for an in-house tech specialist.

Another examples is start-ups. They are always searching for efficient solutions to organise their internal communications, and usually try to reach their customers through as many channels as possible. Considering their lack of staff, limited funds and continuously-growing amount of tasks, Ringotel can definitely give them some much needed help.

Who’s behind it?

Ringotel, currently based in Cork, is a team of five tech people, all family members and all originally from Ukraine.

Their background is in telecommunications, with more than 15 years of experience building and deploying business communication solutions for companies in Ukraine and abroad.

How is it funded?

The first minimum viable product (MVP) was self-funded. Last year Ringotel received Competitive Start Fund (CSF) funding from Enterprise Ireland. After a number of interviews and feedback, the company decided to make a pivot and focus on providing small companies an affordable, simple yet powerful, solution for omni-channel customer service. Though the firm’s MVP is ready, it didn’t have a public launch yet. Currently, Ringotel is at the private beta. It has two potential customers in Ireland with one of them signing a letter of intent. Also, the company has two partners in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, who promote its service on the local markets.

Future plans?

Ringotel will look to provide its unique approach to small companies and start-ups soon and will hope to revolutionise the telecommunications industry with its services.

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