Tax bill loans – how businesses can be prepared for tax year end

By Business & Finance
16 October 2018

Tax season can mean a big bill, but taking out a tax bill loan can take the pressure off businesses and their cash flow


Managing cashflow throughout the year, but in particular when a tax bill is due, is paramount for a business to run smoothly. Not having enough working capital set aside to pay a tax bill from Revenue is a common business issue  – but there is a solution.

Tax bill loans from Bank of Ireland

A tax bill loan from Bank of Ireland can help to cover upcoming tax liabilities and free up resources in longer term plans to grow the business, especially in a relatively low interest environment. It allows you to take control of your cash flow and spread the cost of your tax bill into more manageable monthly payments.

Avoid penalties and interest for late payment

There are several other benefits of using a business loan to pay taxes. When you pay off your tax or preliminary tax bill in a lump sum, you don’t have to worry about penalties and interest from the Revenue and you ensure that Revenue receives payment on time. The repayment terms are flexible and the loans themselves are quick and simple to arrange.

In addition, Bank of Ireland small business loans have competitive interest rates and no prepayment penalties. This means you can pay off the loan as quickly as you want without paying any additional fees.

With Bank of Ireland, loan application is easy over the phone or online with no application forms required. Head to Bank of Ireland to apply for your tax bill loan now.