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The future of money

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23 August 2017
Marieke Flament, Circle

Marieke Flament, Managing Director Europe at Circle, on the future of money

Blockchain technology is responsible for breaking boundaries in fintech and revolutionising the way consumers interact with money. There are many start-ups who have capitalised on these new frontiers in person-to-person payments. Marieke Flament, Managing Director for Europe at Circle says it has enabled them to go about “making money fun”.

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The bank of the future: Making money work the way the internet does

Marieke expounds on how banking is being revolutionised and Circle’s quest to “make money work the way the internet does” – in other words, fast and free.

Sending and receiving pounds, euro and dollars across borders with no cost

Using blockchain and engaging in cryptocurrency markets has allowed Circle to provide a person-to-person payments service to consumers that is free to use.

Money is just data; blockchain will enable a protocol of money

While the internet and email have protocols, there is currently no “protocol of money”. Circle are working to create this so that money transfers can work across borders and their users can send payments to friends who might use other rival companies, for instance, like someone using Gmail can send an email to someone using Yahoomail.