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Video: Next Generation CEO Linda Davis on hiring the right CTO

By Business & Finance
10 January 2018
Linda Davis, CEO, Next Generation

Linda Davis, CEO of Next Generation, spoke to Business & Finance about the challenges of hiring a chief technology officer (CTO).


Linda recommends these important points to hire the right CTO:

  • Hire a technical consultant to guide you in assessing the key abilities in the person you want to hire.
  • Hire a CTO that has a very strong engineering background, that they understand the “full stack” they are working with and not reliant on the people around them to get by on certain elements.
  • Look at their past work experience and how successful those organisations have been.
  • Examine how large their network is.
  • Examine their work philosophy.
  • Look for great communication skills.
  • Make sure they understand the ever-changing technology world.

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