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Ireland INC Index sees TransferMate as payments partner

By Business & Finance
19 June 2018
Terry Clune
Terry Clune, Co-founder/CEO, TransferMate Global Payments

The Ireland INC Index highlights the top Irish companies operating and investing in the US. We profile the Kilkenny-based TransferMate Global Payments and why they are the index’s payments partner.


What is TransferMate Global Payments?

TransferMate Global Payments holds 200 staff and multiple offices around the globe. The firm’s modus operandi is offering simple and cost-effective solutions to international banks and businesses when they send and receive foreign currency payments.

Trading in 145 countries across the world, TransferMate holds one of the most extensive bank networks on the planet and has processed over $10 billion to date.

The company also secures better exchange rates, eradicates bank fees and structures faster and more seamless payment systems.

Its innovative B2B technology platform links with a range of enterprise software systems, which include cloud accounting platforms, offering faster, cost-effective and easier payments solution to an increasing global client base.

Who’s behind TransferMate?

TransferMate was born out of the Taxback Group, the company that includes services such as international income tax and VAT refunds, international payments and money cards.

Sinead Fitzmaurice, TransferMate

Sinead Fitzmaurice

Terry Clune, co-founder/CEO and Sinead Fitzmaurice, co-founder are the main figureheads behind the organisation. The other co-founder, Barry Dowling, sold his shares and left the company in August of last year.

The CCO, Gary Conroy, previously told Business & Finance what TransferMate is all about”

TransferMate is a smarter way for businesses and for banks to send and receive international payments.

Gary Conroy, TransferMate, payments

Gary Conroy, CCO, TransferMate

He continued: “We do that via our global network of local bank accounts, which enables us to cut out international wire fees and send cross-border payments as if they were domestic. It makes it faster, it makes it cheaper and it makes it easier.”

Why TransferMate is part of the Ireland INC Index

As part of the Ireland INC Index, showcasing the top Irish companies investing and operating in the US, TransferMate has played a vital role in establishing an Irish footprint in the US with key investments and strategic partnerships.

In November 2017 the firm was announced as Business & Finance‘s Company of the Month for November 2017, with major news of AIB becoming a strategic partner and investing €30 million to expand its global reach.

Clune described it as “a great example of how a leading bank and a FinTech company can work together”.

In 2016, TransferMate won the Grand Prix at the eir Elevation Awards for building the business on an international scale.

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