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Dublin Tech Summit to explore Romantic AI, Virtual Influencers, and Immersive SexTech

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03 May 2024

Dublin Tech Summit, one of Europe’s leading tech festivals, will feature a panel Romantic AI, Virtual Influencers, and Immersive SexTech that will prove to be interesting.

Dublin Tech Summit, having recently launched its full agenda, has announced a wide range of panels, keynotes and talks on subjects encompassing all areas of technology.

One such panel will focus on the engaging subject of Romantic AI, Virtual Influencers, and Immersive SexTech.

The panel aims to explore the intriguing interchange between technology, intimacy and influence.

Panelists will discuss the evolution of dating sites featuring AI-generated romantic companions, the phenomenon of Virtual Influencers captivating audiences worldwide, and the latest advancements in immersive SexTech experiences.

From exploring the ethical implications to envisioning the future of human-technology relationships, this session promises thought-provoking insights into the changing landscape of familiarity in the digital age.


Pavel Hegai, Founder & CEO
Romantic AI

Pavel Hegai is Founder and CEO of Romantic AI, an AI-powered girlfriend simulator that allows users to create their ideal partner or choose from a library of pre-made profiles.

He started his career at Deloitte, then switched to startups. He launched Romantic AI in January 2022.

Christopher Travers, Founder
Travers Tech (formerly Founder, Virtual Humans)

Tech entrepreneur Christopher Travers is known for launching multiple anonymous social media networks, founding a leading virtual humans research organization, and building a frontier media tech company. Picking up speed following his previous works, Christopher now builds positively impactful products through his independent product incubator, Travers Tech over at

Christopher was recognised by Forbes as a 30 Under 30 recipient.

Ola Miedzynska, Founder,
Sxtech EU Founder,


Ola Miedzynska has been a trailblazer in sex technology and adult tech. From her early days in startup development to her role as a corporate consultant, Ola has consistently demonstrated expertise across diverse technological domains.

Ola’s extensive experience includes collaboration with over 60 global sex tech and adult tech brands, where she actively contributed to product development and the evolution of tech ecosystems. In 2019, Ola marked a significant milestone by launching the first German Sex Tech Hackathon. Subsequently, she founded and assumed the role of CEO and Founder at Sxtech EU, a prominent global platform and annual conference dedicated to fostering technological innovation within the sex tech and adult tech industry.

Expanding the scope of Sxtech EU’s offerings in 2023, Ola positioned the platform as a unique boutique providing specialized marketing and PR services for the often stigmatized industries.
As a co-founder of, Ola is a passionate advocate for sex workers’ rights. Her work revolves around bridging the gap between sex technology and the destigmatization of sex work, creating a more inclusive and informed dialogue.

Throughout her career, Ola has collaborated with renowned brands such as LELO, Satisfyer, JOYclub, Realbotix, Lioness, Mysteryvibe, Beducated, Frolicme, Shhh, Firm Tech, and many others. Her multifaceted expertise and commitment to pushing boundaries have positioned Ola as a driving force in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and advocacy within the sex tech and adult tech industries.

Dr. Lollie Mancey (Moderator), Programme Director & Innovation/ Entrepreneurial Specialist
UCD Innovation Academy

Dr. Lollie Mancey is a dynamic professional with extensive experience in progressive education, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the future of work. As Programme Director at University College Dublin’s Innovation Academy, she fosters innovation and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs. With a PhD in Organisational Learning and Anthropology background, Dr. Lollie offers a fresh perspective to innovation. Recognized for her teaching excellence with prestigious awards, she is also a serial entrepreneur and Dublin Story Slam Champion. Hosting a radio show and podcast, she shares insights globally. A sought-after keynote speaker advocating for progressive education and diversity, Dr. Lollie explores AI ethics and resilience. Her multidisciplinary expertise drives positive change and shapes a future of inclusivity and innovation.

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