Griffith College Short Courses rebrands to Griffith College Professional Academy

By Business & Finance
19 December 2023

The Griffith College Short Courses department is delighted to announce its rebranding to Griffith College Professional Academy. As part of this rebrand, the department has enhanced its course offerings, including a range of exciting new Professional Certificates and Diplomas validated by Griffith College. 

Next year, Griffith College will mark its 50th year as an academic institution, an exciting milestone in its history. Griffith College Professional Academy’s mission is to provide high-quality, industry-relevant education. As part of this, the course offerings have been reviewed in line with industry needs, introducing new programmes that meet the evolving demands of today’s competitive job market. The professional diploma business courses have been designed to equip individuals with the strategic insights, leadership skills, and specialised knowledge required to excel in various business domains. 

Griffith College Professional Academy offers a suite of continuous learning opportunities designed to keep individuals ahead in their respective fields. These professional courses address the ever-changing landscape of industries, providing learners with the latest insights, skills, and knowledge essential for career success. Whether staying abreast of emerging trends, mastering new technologies, or honing leadership abilities, Griffith College Professional Academy ensures that professionals can adapt and thrive in dynamic work environments. With experienced instructors and a focus on practical applications, our professional courses empower learners to bridge the gap between theory and real-world challenges, supporting our graduates’ career progress. 

Griffith College Professional Academy’s commitment to developing professional growth extends to offering a 10% corporate discount on a range of courses.

Bespoke Corporate Training

Recognising that each company has unique challenges and requirements, our Customised Training programmes address this, ensuring employees’ have an impactful learning experience. Courses include management, communication, leadership, time management, customer service, and many more. We collaborate with companies to design corporate training that aligns with companies’ and individuals’ needs. The emphasis on practical skills and real-world applications further enhances the relevance of the training, providing employees with the tools they need to excel in their roles. By leveraging our expertise in curriculum development and industry insights, companies can empower their workforce with the precise knowledge and competencies required for success in business and finance. 

Flexible Learning to Suit You

Griffith College Professional Academy distinguishes itself by providing flexible study options, enabling professionals to integrate education into their demanding schedules seamlessly. This adaptable approach ensures that learners can access high-quality training without compromising their work commitments and work-life-study balance. Most classes are structured to run one evening per week, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The duration of these courses, ranging from 10 to 24 weeks, ensures a comprehensive yet manageable learning experience. 

We offer a wide range of professional part-time courses, available online and on-campus, including:

  • Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Professional Diploma in Business Management 
  • Professional Diploma in Leadership Skills 
  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Professional Diploma in Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Professional Diploma in Credit Management & Debt Collection 
  • Professional Diploma in Project Management 

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