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Minister Harris TD launches Global Citizens 2030

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18 January 2024
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Minister Harris TD has launched Global Citizens 2030, a strategy that will ensure Ireland is a leading destination for international leaders

Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris, TD has launched Global Citizens 2030 – Ireland’s Talent and Innovation Strategy .

This strategy will aim to ensure Ireland is a first choice destination for international learners, researchers and innovators, underpin a new level of collaboration between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, and will enhance Ireland’s influence in EU education and research policy.

Speaking on 15 January, Minister Harris said: “At a time when countries begin to look inward, I hope this strategy sends a clear message of Ireland’s commitment to continue to be a global, diverse society and for some a beacon of hope and educational opportunity.

“We want to attract the best generation of international learners, researchers and innovators to Ireland. That brings significant benefits for our economy but also our society. It helps us address the skills needs we have but also helps open opportunities through diversifying our education communities.”

Global Citizens 2030 is underpinned by six core pillars. Among the core objectives are:

  • To harness Ireland’s offer to prospective students and researchers as a native English-speaking society, an advanced economy, a committed member of the European Union and a high quality multi-cultural, diverse, inclusive and culturally rich learning and research experience; to attract the highest quality students and researchers to our shores.
  • To launch a new International Education Mark, an initiative which sends a clear message to our international audience and prospective students of the quality of Irish education institutions.
  • To continue supporting the Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups as outlined in the National Access Plan, including learners who cannot undertake physical travel.
  • To further the unique role that education and research have played in building the friendships, co-operation and strategic relationships that underpin all-island collaboration in many areas to enable increased student mobility on a North-South basis, but also between Ireland and the wider UK.
  • To deploy Talent and Innovation Attachés across the globe, dedicated to the co-ordination and prioritisation of our global talent and innovation activities.

“As part of Global Ireland we will deploy Talent and Innovation Attachés in key locations across the world to help deliver this ambition,” Minister Harris continued.

Minister Harris also stated that this strategy is “about more than just attracting international students to Ireland.”

He said: “It is also about partnering with industry to recruit hundreds of high calibre PhD students to tackle national and global challenges like climate change, pandemics, water poverty and cyber-security.

“It is about giving Irish educated learners the opportunities to become global citizens. The European University initiative, for example, enables seamless mobility – physical, virtual or blended – for learners, researchers and innovators to develop their international competencies.

“And it is about further developing the education and research that plays a unique role in building the friendships, co-operation and strategic relationships underpinning cross-border collaboration.

“I am excited about this strategy and I am keen to work with our many stakeholders to make it a reality.”


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