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The significant impact of ChatGPT on professional business performance

By Business & Finance
15 January 2024
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AI for Everyone is a four part series exploring the development of AI and the impact it is having on business.

By Maryrose Lyons, Founder of the AI Institute. 

Recent research, including a large-scale trial by Boston Consulting Group in Q3 2023, highlights the significant impact of ChatGPT on professional business performance. In this study, consultants using ChatGPT4 showed a 12.2% increase in task completion, a 25.1% improvement in speed, and a 40% enhancement in task quality compared to their counterparts without the tool. Notably, those consultants who initially performed at lower levels experienced the most dramatic improvement – a 43% increase in performance when they began using AI. This pattern of enhanced performance with AI assistance is a consistent finding across various studies.

An image of a bar chart with two bars, one for AI users and one for non-users, with the AI users in blue and the non-users in green.

The Stanford Study (Noy & Zhang) examined the productivity effects of ChatGPT on professional writing tasks and found that the time taken to complete the tasks reduced by up to 70%, with better quality output than if ChatGPT hadn’t been used.

A bar chart showing the level of job satisfaction among people who use ChatGPT and people who do not.

In addition, people using ChatGPT were happier in their work.

A bar chart showing the level of job satisfaction among people who use ChatGPT and people who do not.

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They aim to provide practical knowledge and capabilities, moving beyond theory to real-world implementation. All of the AI Institute courses are created and delivered by instructors who are actively utilising AI and revered for their expertise, ensuring that the learning is relevant and cutting-edge.

With a focus on ethical and responsible AI use, the AI Institute’s programmes are not just about mastering technology but also about understanding its broader impact on society. As AI continues to reshape industries, the AI Institute’s courses offer a pathway to AI mastery, empowering a new generation of AI-literate professionals.

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About the author: Maryrose Lyons is the Founder of the AI Institute. More info:


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