Ones to Watch: Motoklik, building AI to make motorcycles safer

Business, Ones to Watch | Fri 11 Oct | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured L-R: Motoklik co-founders Valerie Chong and Jens Köpke.

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top up and coming businesses in Ireland. This week we feature Motoklik.

What is it?

Motoklik is an electronic device attached to an off-road motorcycle. It improves performance and safety for the rider through its USP, Automated Suspension Set-Up. From speaking with riders in Ireland and abroad, 90% don’t know how to set-up their suspension properly.

Who’s behind it?

Founder – Jens Köpke.

Jens has an M.Sc in Innovative Technology Engineering and has been riding and racing motorcycle since the age of 7. Jens uses his skills in technology and communication to build the product, build business relationships and raise the funding needed to make it all happen.

Co-Founder – Valerie Chong.

Valerie has an M.Sc in Project Management and uses her experience from work in Singapore and Ireland to manage operations and finances for the company. 

How is it funded?

Motoklik has been funded by Enterprise Ireland through New Frontiers and the Competitive Start Fund, through IBYE, and most recently through the European Space Agencies Business Incubator, ESA BIC. Motoklik has a funding round open presently to be matched with EI’s HPSU fund.

Future plans?

The next few months look very exciting for Motoklik, through consultation work with racers here in Ireland, and also building the AI technology needed to scale the product. Motoklik’s planned market launch is for the Netherlands in H1 2020.