Top Silicon Valley executive to address Cork Chamber briefing

By Business & Finance
27 March 2014

Cork Chamber is delighted to announce that Caroline Dowling, president of Integrated Network Solutions (INS), Flextronics will address the business breakfast event on April 2nd 2014.

Caroline DowlingA native of Cork, Caroline Dowling is responsible for INS, the single biggest division of the Fortune Global 500 company, and manages a budget of $12bn with almost 90,000 employees are under her remit. Leading an international team focused on providing innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions worldwide for the telecom, networking, server and storage markets, Dowling will talk about her role at Flextronics and the constant evolution to meet the ever-demanding pace of technology. She will explain why innovation is at the heart of the company’s success from design and manufacturing to supply chain solutions.

Flextronics is a socially responsible, global leader in design, manufacturing, distribution and aftermarket services for the world’s leading brand names and devices. From the smartphone in your pocket, to the laptop on your desk, and even the electronics in your car, it is highly likely that Flextronics has been involved in the production and supply of these daily devices. Medical devices, mobile technologies, gaming, smart appliances and wearable devices are just some of the company’s current growth areas within the organisation globally.

“The world is changing, supply chains are becoming more complicated and Flextronics is re-inventing our business processes in line with technological developments, client needs and customer demands,” said Dowling,

“Cost efficiency and competitiveness is vital in this industry, but adding value through innovation and value supply chain improvement is also critical, and herein lies the opportunity for Ireland. We are championing a right-shoring strategy both in the US and in Europe as we are committed to “being in a market, to serve a market”. For Ireland, this offers immense opportunities to serve the European market, using our engineering talent and ability to innovate, both in terms of product and process.”

Flextronics currently employs 400 people in Ireland, in sites at Dublin, Cork and Limerick, and activities in the Irish plants range from supply chain logistics to manufacture and final configuration. Dowling is responsible for fulfilling corporate growth strategies through Flextronics’ NOVO organisation, which has a base in Cork also, and involves the cultivation of strategic partnerships for business growth purposes, oversight of mergers and acquisitions and the expansion of the overall business for the company.

Dowling joined Flextronics through the acquisition of The Dii Group, where she held various management roles of increasing responsibility, including vice president of Europe, director of European business and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manager.

Prior to these roles, Dowling was director for OEMs at Alps Electronics.  She is a graduate of Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.